Death Knight Icecrown Citadel Drops 10M Heroic

Death Knight Icecrown Citadel drops from 10M Heroic added to theĀ Death Knight Raid Gear List

Death Knight Icecrown Citadel Drops - 10M Heroic

Abomination's Bloody Ring (Heroic)FingerGunship ArmoryRing
Battle-Maiden's Legguards (Heroic)LegsPrince ValanarPlate Armor
Blade-Scored Carapace (Heroic)ChestDeathbringer's CachePlate Armor
Bloodsipper (Heroic)One-HandBlood-Queen Lana'thel
Bonebreaker Scepter (Heroic)One-HandLord MarrowgarOne-Handed Mace
Bone Drake's Enameled Boots (Heroic)FeetGunship ArmoryPlate Armor
Bone Warden's Splitter (Heroic)One-HandLord MarrowgarOne-Handed Axe
Citadel Enforcer's Claymore (Heroic)Two-HandLord MarrowgarTwo-Handed Sword
Cloak of Many Skins (Heroic)BackFestergutCloak
Collar of Haughty Disdain (Heroic)NeckBlood-Queen Lana'thel
Deathforged Legplates (Heroic)LegsDeathbringer's CachePlate Armor
Deathspeaker Zealot's Helm (Heroic)HeadLady DeathwhisperPlate Armor
Etched Dragonbone Girdle (Heroic)WaistSindragosaPlate Armor
Festering Fingerguards (Heroic)HandsFestergutPlate Armor
Flesh-Carving Scalpel (Heroic)One-HandProfessor Putricide
Flesh-Shaper's Gurney Strap (Heroic)WaistRotfacePlate Armor
Frost Giant's Cleaver (Heroic)One-HandGunship ArmoryOne-Handed Axe
Gargoyle Spit Bracers (Heroic)WristDeathbringer's CachePlate Armor
Ghoul Commander's Cuirass (Heroic)ChestLady DeathwhisperPlate Armor
Gutbuster (Heroic)One-HandFestergutOne-Handed Mace
Hersir's Greatspear (Heroic)Two-HandedPrince ValanarPolearm
Infected Choker (Heroic)NeckProfessor Putricide
Ironrope Belt of Ymirjar (Heroic)WaistCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Legplates of Aetheric Strife (Heroic)LegsSindragosaPlate Armor
Marrowgar's Scratching Choker (Heroic)NeckLord MarrowgarAmulet
Oxheart (Heroic)Two-HandCache of the DreamwalkerTwo-Handed Mace
Ramaladni's Blade of Culling (Heroic)Two-HandDeathbringer's CacheTwo-Handed Axe
Rotface's Rupturing Ring (Heroic)FingerRotfaceRing
Saronite Gargoyle Cloak (Heroic)BackGunship ArmoryCloak
Scalpel-Sharpening Shoulderguards (Heroic)ShoulderProfessor Putricide
Plate Armor
Scourgelord's Baton (Heroic)Held in Off-handLady DeathwhisperOff-hand Frill
Soulbreaker (Heroic)One-HandPrince ValanarOne-Handed Sword
Spaulders of the Blood Princes (Heroic)ShoulderPrince ValanarPlate Armor
Stormfury, Black Blade of the Betrayer (Heroic)One-HandThe Lich KingDagger
Taiga Bindings (Heroic)WristCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
The Facelifter (Heroic)One-HandProfessor Putricide
One-Handed Sword
Thrice Fanged Signet (Heroic)FingerPrince ValanarRing
Throatrender Handguards (Heroic)HandsBlood-Queen Lana'thel
Plate Armor
Troggbane, Axe of the Frostborne King (Heroic)One-HandThe Lich KingOne-Handed Axe
Unidentifiable Organ (Heroic)TrinketProfessor Putricide
Veincrusher Gauntlets (Heroic)HandsBlood-Queen Lana'thel
Plate Armor
Warmace of Menethil (Heroic)Two-HandThe Lich KingTwo-Handed Mace
Whispering Fanged Skull (Heroic)TrinketLady DeathwhisperTrinket

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