Paladin Ruby Sanctum Drops 25M Heroic

Paladin Ruby Sanctum drops from 25 Man Ruby Sanctum Normal added to the Paladin Raid Gear List

Paladin Ruby Sanctum Drops - 25M Heroic

Apocalypse's Advance (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Charred Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Cloak of Burning Dusk (Heroic)BackHalionCloak
Foreshadow Steps (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Glowing Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Penumbra Pendant (Heroic)NeckHalionAmulet
Petrified Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Ring of Phased Regeneration (Heroic)FingerHalionRing
Sharpened Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Treads of Impending Resurrection (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor

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