Warrior Trial of the Crusader Drops 25M Normal

Warrior Trial of the Crusader drops from 25M Normal added to theĀ Warrior Raid Gear List

Warrior Trial of the Crusader Drops - 25M Normal

Archon GlaiveTwo-HandAnub'arakPolearm
Armguards of the ShieldmaidenWristFjola LightbanePlate Armor
Band of the Violent TempermentFingerIcehowlRing
Belt of Bloodied ScarsWaistChampion's CachePlate Armor
Bloodbath BeltWaistLord JaraxxusPlate Armor
Bloodbath GirdleWaistLord JaraxxusPlate Armor
Blood FuryOne-HandLord JaraxxusOne-Handed Axe
Boneshatter ArmplatesWristIcehowlPlate Armor
Boneshatter VambracesWristIcehowlPlate Armor
Bracers of the ShieldmaidenWristFjola LightbanePlate Armor
Chestplate of the Frostborn HeroChestChampion's CachePlate Armor
Chestplate of the Frostwolf HeroChestChampion's CachePlate Armor
Crystal Plated VanguardShieldIcehowlShield
Dawnbreaker SabatonsFeetLord JaraxxusPlate Armor
Dawnbreaker GreavesFeetLord JaraxxusPlate Armor
Death's ChoiceTrinketFjola LightbaneTrinket
Death's Head CrossbowRangedLord JaraxxusCrossbow
Death's VerdictTrinketFjola LightbaneTrinket
Dual-blade ButcherTwo-HandChampion's CacheTwo-Handed Axe
Forlorn BarrierShieldIcehowlShield
Gauntlets of Bitter ReprisalHandsAnub'arakPlate Armor
Girdle of Bloodied ScarsWaistChampion's CachePlate Armor
Gouge of the Frigid HeartOne-HandFjola LightbaneDagger
Greaves of the 7th LegionFeetAnub'arakPlate Armor
Greaves of the Saronite CitadelFeetAnub'arakPlate Armor
Hauberk of the Towering MonstrosityChestIcehowlPlate Armor
Hellion GlaiveTwo-HandAnub'arakPolearm
Hellscream SlicerOne-HandAnub'arakOne-Handed Axe
Juggernaut's VitalityTrinketChampion's CacheTrinket
JusticebringerTwo-HandChampion's CacheTwo-Handed Axe
Leggings of Lurking ThreatLegsAnub'arakMail Armor
Legguards of AscensionLegsFjola LightbanePlate Armor
Legguards of Feverish DedicationLegsLord JaraxxusPlate Armor
Legionnaire's GorgetNeckFjola LightbaneAmulet
Lionhead SlasherOne-HandLord JaraxxusOne-Handed Axe
Might of the NerubBackAnub'arakCloak
Pride of the Demon LordBackLord JaraxxusCloak
Pride of the EredarBackLord JaraxxusCloak
Satrina's Impeding ScarabTrinketChampion's CacheTrinket
Steel BladebreakerOne-HandIcehowlDagger
Stormpike CleaverOne-HandAnub'arakOne-Handed Axe
Strength of the NerubBackAnub'arakCloak
Stygian BladebreakerOne-HandIcehowlDagger
TalonstrikeRangedLord JaraxxusCrossbow
The Arbiter's MusceNeckFjola LightbaneAmulet
Twin SpikeOne-HandFjola LightbaneDagger

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