Onyxia’s Lair Loot List

Onyxia’s Lair is a small cave system located in the southern parts of Dustwallow Marsh. It is home to Onyxia and her guards, the remaining members of the insidious Black Dragonflight. There also her brood of new eggs is hidden, awaiting maturation. Should anyone ever threaten Onyxia within her lair – within distance of her precious eggs – her wrath would be terrible beyond comprehension.

Patch 3.0.2: Since Lady Katrana Prestor is no longer in game, the attunement is lifted for both factions. As such, it is no longer necessary to have the Drakefire Amulet in your inventory to enter.

Patch 3.2.2: Onyxia’s Lair has been retuned for level 80 players because of World of Warcraft’s 5th birthday.

Onyxia's Lair Drops - 10M

Antique Cornerstone GrimoireHeld In Off-handOnyxiaOff-hand Frill
Bloodfang MaskHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Circlet of TranscendenceHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Coif of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Coronet of TranscendenceHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Cowl of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Dragonstalker's HelmetHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Empowered DeathbringerOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Axe
Eskhandar's ChokerNeckOnyxiaAmulet
Faceguard of WrathHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Fluttering Sapphiron DrapeBackOnyxiaCloak
Frostforged HelmetHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Frostforged RinghelmHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Gaze of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Gleaming Quel'SerrarOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Glinting Azuresong MagebladeMain HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Greathelm of WrathHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement CoverHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement HelmHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement HelmetHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Keen Obsidian Edged BladeTwo-HandOnyxiaTwo-Handed Sword
Nemesis SkullcoverHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Netherwind HoodHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Purified Shard of the FlameTrinketOnyxiaTrinket
Purified Shard of the ScaleTrinketOnyxiaTrinket
Reclaimed ShadowstrikeTwo-HandOnyxiaPolearm
Reclaimed ThunderstrikeTwo-HandOnyxiaPolearm
Runed Ring of BindingFingerOnyxiaRing
Rusted Gutgore RipperOne-HandOnyxiaDagger
Sharpened Fang of the MysticsMain HandOnyxiaDagger
Singed Vis'kag the BloodletterOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Snub-Nose Blastershot LauncherRangedOnyxiaGun
Stormrage AntlersHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Stormrage HelmHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Stormrage HoodHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

Onyxia's Lair Drops - 25M

Antediluvian Cornerstone Grimoire
Held In Off-handOnyxiaOff-hand Frill

Aurora of Transcendence
HeadOnyxiaCloth Armor

Bloodfang Hood
HeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

Burnished Quel'Serrar
One-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword

Crown of Ten Storms
HeadOnyxiaMail Armor

Dragonstalker's Helm
HeadOnyxiaMail Armor

Eskhandar's Links

Flowing Sapphiron Drape

Frostforged Greathelm
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Frostforged Helm
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Halo Transcendence
HeadOnyxiaCloth Armor

Helm of Ten Storms
HeadOnyxiaMail Armor

Helm of Wrath
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Helmet of Ten Storms
HeadOnyxiaMail Armor

Helmet of Wrath
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Honed Fang of the Mystics
Main HandOnyxiaDagger

Judgement Crown
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Judgement Heaume
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Judgement Hood
HeadOnyxiaPlate Armor

Nemesis Skullcap
HeadOnyxiaCloth Armor

Netherwind Crown
HeadOnyxiaCloth Armor

Polished Azuresong Mageblade
Main HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword

Raging Deathbringer
One-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Axe

Reinforced Shadowstrike

Reinforced Thunderstrike

Rifled Blastershot Launcher

Sharpened Obsidian Edged Blade
Two-HandOnyxiaTwo-Handed Sword

Shiny Shard of the Flame

Shiny Shard of the Scale

Signified Ring of Binding

Stormrage Cover
HeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

Stormrage Coverlet
HeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

Stormrage Crown
HeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

Stormrage Crown

Stormrage Crown
One-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword

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