Icecrown Citadel Drops – 25M Regular

25 Man Normal Drops Icecrown Citadel added to Icecrown Citadel Loot List

Icecrown Citadel Drops - 25M Normal

Ahn'Kahar Onxy NeckguardNeckLady DeathwhisperAmulet
Aldriana's Gloves of SecrecyHandsRotfaceLeather Armor
Althor's AbacusTrinketGunship ArmoryTrinket
Amulet of the Silent EulogyNeckGunship ArmoryAmulet
Anub'ar Stalker's GlovesHandsCache of the DreamwalkerMail Armor
Archust, Greatstaff of AntonidasTwo-HandThe Lich KingStaff
Astrylian's Sutured CinchWaistProfessor PutricideLeather Armor
Band of the Bone ColossusFingerLord MarrowgarRing
Bauble of True BloodTrinketBlood-Queen Lana'thelTrinket
Belt of Broken BonesWaistFestergutPlate Armor
Bile-Encrusted MedallionNeckRotfaceAmulet
Black BruiseMain HandFestergutFist Weapon
Blightborne WarplateChestRotfacePlate Armor
Blood-Soaked Saronite StompersFeetLady DeathwhisperPlate Armor
BloodfallTwo-Hand Blood-Queen Lana'thelPolearm
Bloodsunder's BracersWristRotfaceMail Armor
Bloodsurge, Kel'Thuzad's Blade of AgonyMain HandThe Lich KingOne-Handed Sword
Bloodvenom BladeOne-HandDeathbringer's CacheOne-Handed Sword
Boneguard Commander's PauldronsShoulderGunship ArmoryPlate Armor
Bone Sentinel's AmuletNeckLord MarrowgarAmulet
Boots of the Funeral MarchFeetCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Boots of Unnatural GrowthFeetGunship ArmoryLeather Armor
Bracers of Dark ReckoningWristLord MarrowgarPlate Armor
Bracers of Eternal DreamingWristCache of the DreamwalkerLeather Armor
Broken Ram Skull HelmHeadLady DeathwhisperPlate Armor
Bryntroll, the Bone ArbiterTwo-HandLord MarrowgarTwo-Handed Axe
Bulwark of Smouldering SteelShieldLord MarrowgarShield
Coldwraith LinksWaistCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Corpse-Impaling SpikeRangedRotfaceWand
Corpse Tongue CoinTrinketGunship ArmoryTrinket
Corp'rethar Ceremonial CrownHeadGunship ArmoryCloth Armor
Crushing Coldwraith BeltWaistLord MarrowgarCloth Armor
CryptmakerTwo-HandPrince ValanarTwo-Handed Mace
Cultist's Bloodsoaked SpauldersShoulderLady DeathwhisperLeather Armor
Deathbringer's WillTrinketDeathbringer's CacheTrinket
Death Surgeon's SleevesWristRotfaceCloth Armor
Deathwhisper RaimentChestLady DeathwhisperLeather Armor
Devium's Eternally Cold RingFingerCache of the DreamwalkerRing
Dislodged Foreign ObjectTrinketRotfaceTrinket
Distand LandTwo-HandFestergutStaff
Dual-Bladed PauldronsShoulderRotfaceMail Armor
Dying LightTwo-HandBlood-Queen Lana'thelStaff
Faceplate of the ForgottenHeadFestergutPlate Armor
Fallen Lord's HandguardsHandsLady DeathwhisperPlate Armor
Fal'inrush, Defender of Quel'thalasRangedThe Lich KingCrossbow
Fleshrending GauntletsHandsFestergutPlate Armor
Frostbinder's Shredded CapeBackCache of the DreamwalkerCloak
Frostbitten Fur BootsFeetLord MarrowgarLeather Armor
Frostbrood Sapphire RingFingerCache of the DreamwalkerRing
Frozen BonespikeMain handLord MarrowgarDagger
Gangrenous LeggingsLegsFestergutLeather Armor
Geistlord's Punishment SackHeadPrince ValanarLeather Armor
Gendarme's CuirassChestLord MarrowgarPlate Armor
Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver HandTwo-HandThe Lich KingTwo-Handed Sword
Greatcloak of the Turned ChampionBackDeathbringer's CacheCloak
Grinning Skull GreatbootsFeetCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Gunship Captain's MittensHandsGunship ArmoryCloth Armor
Handguards of Winter's RespiteHandsLord MarrowgarLeather Armor
Havoc's Call, Blade of Lordaeron KingsOne-HandThe Lich KingOne-Handed Axe
HeartpierceOne-HandLady DeathwhisperDagger
Heaven's Fall, Kryss of a Thousand LiesOne-HandThe Lich KingDagger
Helm of the Elder MoonHeadRotfaceLeather Armor
Holiday's GraceNeckFestergutAmulet
Horrific Flesh EpauletsShoulderFestergutMail Armor
Icecrown Glacial WallShieldBlood-Queen Lana'thelShield
Incarnadine Band of MendingFingerPrince ValanarRing
Juggernaut BandFingerLady DeathwhisperRing
Keleseth's SeducerOff HandPrince ValanarFist Weapon
Lana'thel's Chain of FlagellationNeckBlood-Queen Lana'thelAmulet
Landsoul's Horned GreathelmHeadPrince ValanarPlate Armor
Last WordOne-HandProfessor PutricideOne-Handed Mace
Leather of Stitched Scourge PartsLegsFestergutLeather Armor
Leggings of Dying CandlesLegsCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Leggings of Northern LightsLegsLady DeathwhisperMail Armor
Legguards of Lost HopeLegsLord MarrowgarPlate Armor
Lingering IllnessWaistFestergutCloth Armor
Loop of the Endless LabyrinthFingerLord MarrowgarRing
LungbreakerOne-HandCache of the DreamwalkerDagger
Mail of Crimson CoinsChestPrince ValanarMail Armor
Memory of MalygosFingerSindragosaRing
Might of BlightFingerFestergutRing
Mithrios, Bronzebeard's LegacyOne-HandThe Lich KingOne-Handed Mace
Necrophotic GreavesFeetLady DeathwhisperMail Armor
Nerub'ar Stalker's CordWaistFestergutMail Armor
NibelungTwo-HandLady DeathwhisperStaff
Noose of MalachiteNeckCache of the DreamwalkerAmulet
Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-GeneralTwo-HandThe Lich KingPolearm
Phylactery of the Nameless LichTrinketSindragosaTrinket
Plaguebringer's Stained PantsLegsFestergutCloth Armor
Plague Scientist's BootsFeetFestergutCloth Armor
Polar Bear Claw BracersWristGunship ArmoryPlate Armor
Rib SpreaderOne-HandRotfaceDagger
RigormortisMain HandProfessor PutricideOne-Handed Sword
Ring of Maddening WhispersFingerLady DeathwhisperRing
Ring of Rapid AscentFingerGunship ArmoryRing
Robe of the Walking NightmareChestCache of the DreamwalkerCloth Armor
Rot-Resistant BreastplateChestRotfacePlate Armor
Royal Crimson CloakBackPrince ValanarCloak
Royal Scepter of TerenasMain HandThe Lich KingOne-Handed Mace
Rusted Bonespike PauldronsShoulderLord MarrowgarPlate Armor
Sanguine Silk RobesChestPrince ValanarCloth Armor
San'layn Ritualist GlovesHandsPrince ValanarCloth Armor
Scourgeborne WaraxeOne-HandGunship ArmoryOne-Handed Axe
Scourge Hunter's VambracesWristGunship ArmoryMail Armor
Scourge Reaver's LegplatesLegsCache of the DreamwalkerPlate Armor
Seal of Many MouthsFingerRotfaceRing
Shadow Silk SpindleHeld in Off-handPrince ValanarOff-hand Frill
Shadowvault Slayer's CloakBackGunship ArmoryCloak
Shoulders of Frost-Tipped ThornsShoulderPrince ValanarLeather Armor
Shoulders of Mercy KillingShoulderLady DeathwhisperCloth Armor
Sindragosa's Cruel ClawNeckSindragosaAmulet
Sindragosa's Flawless FangTrinketSindragosaTrinket
Skeleton Lord's CircleFingerGunship ArmoryRing
Snowserpent Mail HelmHeadLord MarrowgarMail Armor
Snowstorm HelmHeadCache of the DreamwalkerMail Armor
Sundial of Eternal DuskHeld In Off-handSindragosaOff-hand Frill
Taldaram's Plated FistsHandsPrince ValanarPlate Armor
Tiny Abomination in a JarTrinketProfessor PutricideTrinket
Toskk's Maximized WristguardsWristDeathbringer's CacheLeather Armor
TraumaMain HandRotfaceOne-Handed Mace
Treads of the WastelandFeetPrince ValanarMail Armor
Unclean Surgical GlovesHandsFestergutMail Armor
Valanar's Other Signet RingFingerPrince ValanarRing
Waistband of Righteous FuryWaistGunship ArmoryPlate Armor
Winding SheetBackRotfaceCloak
Zod's Repeating LongbowRangedLady DeathwhisperBow

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