Onyxia’s Lair Drops – 10M

10 Man Drops for Onyxia’s Lair added to Onyxia’s Lair Loot List

Onyxia's Lair Drops - 10M

Antique Cornerstone GrimoireHeld In Off-handOnyxiaOff-hand Frill
Bloodfang MaskHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Circlet of TranscendenceHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Coif of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Coronet of TranscendenceHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Cowl of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Dragonstalker's HelmetHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Empowered DeathbringerOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Axe
Eskhandar's ChokerNeckOnyxiaAmulet
Faceguard of WrathHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Fluttering Sapphiron DrapeBackOnyxiaCloak
Frostforged HelmetHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Frostforged RinghelmHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Gaze of Ten StormsHeadOnyxiaMail Armor
Gleaming Quel'SerrarOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Glinting Azuresong MagebladeMain HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Greathelm of WrathHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement CoverHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement HelmHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Judgement HelmetHeadOnyxiaPlate Armor
Keen Obsidian Edged BladeTwo-HandOnyxiaTwo-Handed Sword
Nemesis SkullcoverHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Netherwind HoodHeadOnyxiaCloth Armor
Purified Shard of the FlameTrinketOnyxiaTrinket
Purified Shard of the ScaleTrinketOnyxiaTrinket
Reclaimed ShadowstrikeTwo-HandOnyxiaPolearm
Reclaimed ThunderstrikeTwo-HandOnyxiaPolearm
Runed Ring of BindingFingerOnyxiaRing
Rusted Gutgore RipperOne-HandOnyxiaDagger
Sharpened Fang of the MysticsMain HandOnyxiaDagger
Singed Vis'kag the BloodletterOne-HandOnyxiaOne-Handed Sword
Snub-Nose Blastershot LauncherRangedOnyxiaGun
Stormrage AntlersHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Stormrage HelmHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor
Stormrage HoodHeadOnyxiaLeather Armor

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