Ruby Sanctum Loot List

The Ruby Sanctum is an extension to the Wyrmrest Temple dragonflight Sanctum raids. Sacred grounds of the red dragons, the Ruby Sanctum was invaded by the Twilight dragonflight. It was released in patch 3.3.5 and it’s is very similar to the Obsidian Sanctum – both in its physical appearance and encounters. Three hills, guarded by mini-bosses overlook a central area, where the only real boss of the raid resides – in this case that’s Halion the Twilight Destroyer. His lieutenants are Baltharus the Warborn, General Zarithrian, and Saviana Ragefire.

All three of the mini-bosses, as well as Halion drop Emblem of Frost. Halion himself, the only boss with loot drops epic gear half a tier (7 item levels) higher than the ones in the Icecrown Citadel. New trinkets, amongst other things, await those strong enough to defeat the Twilight Destroyer in a place where he is equally able to fight in both the physical realm… and the twilight one.

Halion Fight Details

Having defeated his three lieutenants, the path to Halion will become available to you. He is a three-phase fight that requires 2 tanks and whatever number of healers you feel most comfortable with. Begin the encounter by having one of your tanks drag Halion close to one of the sides of the circle of fire that the dragon will spawn. You want to leave your raid as much room to maneuver as possible. It’s a good idea to have your melee DPS attack the boss from next to the hind leg, with the casters a little further back, but away from the center of the body, closer to the edge of the fire circle.

Only two abilities might cause problems during the first phase of this fight. Fiery Combustion is a debuff applied to a random (ranged?) raider and it ticks for some healable Fire damage and applies a stackable Mark of Combustion every time it ticks. When it’s removed – by either magic remove, curse remove, or after 30 seconds – it will cause the raider to explode, doing Fire damage and knockback to everyone around them. The problem comes from the fire “void zone” the player spawns when they explode – it increases in size and possibly damage with every stack Mark. You should have people with this debuff run away from the raid, where their debuff can be safely removed. Make sure those people don’t run to a location you plan on moving to, as the Combustions are quite big.

The second ability in this phase is Meteor Strike. It targets the ground underneath a random raider and drops a meteor on that location after about 5-6 seconds. The meteor does quite a bit of damage and shoots out lines of fire that resemble an ‘X’. Those should be easy to avoid – whenever one of them comes up, simply have the entire raid shift. Melee DPS can just switch to the front leg, and the tank can take a few steps back. If the tank has to move, make sure you all adjust. Halion will also cast a Flame Breath on the tank, like every self-respecting dragon should.

Phase 2 will begin at 75%. Halion will open a portal to the Twilight Realm, where the entire raid except for the main tank and their healer should join him. The dragon’s physical form will be immune to damage for the duration of this phase – from 75% to 50%. Inside the portal, Halion should be positioned in the middle, nobody but the tank in front of him. The Twilight phase is very similar to the normal one – Halion will Dark Breath instead of its Flame counterpart; he will do Mark of Consumption, which sucks people in as opposed to knocking them back; he also has a Shadow raid-wide damaging aura, Dark Shroud. He won’t do Meteor Strike – in its place he will summon two Shadow Pulsars. Those two orbs will spawn diametrically opposite of one another and will slowly circle the outskirts of the fighting area, always staying at the opposite ends of the circle. Soon after they spawn, they will shoot a beam that will connect them. As they continue to circle around the ring, the entire raid will have to shift with them so they don’t get hit by the beam. This phase will follow a pattern of 10 seconds beam, 20 seconds no-beam, 10 seconds beam again, and so on.

At 50% Halion will enter his third and last phase, the split phase. He will open two portals to the physical realm, which half of the raid should use to return to the MT and his or her healer. From this point on, your goal is to equalize the DPS in the two realms – the portals will remain open in case you need to make adjustments. Halion’s corporeality will go up and down based on how much damage you do to him. Higher Corporeality person in your realm means the boss will do/take less damage there and more damage in the other realm, and vice versa. In other words, regardless of the realm you are in, the number on the top of your screen determines how the boss’ damage is modified:

Corporeality < 50% – Halion does and takes more damage in the player’s current realm. He does and takes less damage in the other one.

Corporeality = 50% – Halion does and takes normal damage in both realms.

Corporeality > 50% – Halion does and take more damage in the player’s current realm. He does and takes less damage in the other one.

You should try to keep Halion’s corporeality between 40% and 60%.

Ruby Sanctum Drops - 10M Normal

Abduction's CoverBackHalionCloak
Baltharus' GiftNeckHalionAmulet
Boots of Divided BeingFeetHalionMail Armor
Bracers of the HeirWristHalionPlate Armor
Changeling GlovesHandsHalionLeather Armor
Gloaming SarkChestHalionLeather Armor
Misbegotten BeltWaistHalionCloth Armor
Saviana's TributeFingerHalionRing
Scion's TreadsFeetHalionPlate Armor
Twilight Scale ShouldersShoulderHalionMail Armor
Zarithrian's OfferingFingerHalionRing
Surrogate BeltWaistHalionPlate Armor

Ruby Sanctum Drops - 10M Heroic

Abduction's Cover (Heroic)BackHalionCloak
Baltharus' Gift (Heroic)NeckHalionAmulet
Boots of Divided Being (Heroic)FeetHalionMail Armor
Bracers of the Heir (Heroic)WristHalionPlate Armor
Changeling Gloves (Heroic)HandsHalionLeather Armor
Gloaming Sark (Heroic)ChestHalionLeather Armor
Misbegotten Belt (Heroic)WaistHalionCloth Armor
Saviana's Tribute (Heroic)FingerHalionRing
Scion's Treads (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Twilight Scale Shoulders (Heroic)ShoulderHalionMail Armor
Zarithrian's Offering (Heroic)FingerHalionRing
Surrogate Belt (Heroic)WaistHalionPlate Armor

Ruby Sanctum Drops - 25M Regular

Apocalypse's AdvanceFeetHalionPlate Armor
Bracers of Fiery NightWristHalionCloth Armor
Charred Twilight ScaleTrinketHalionTrinket
Cloak of Burning DuskBackHalionCloak
Foreshadow StepsFeetHalionPlate Armor
Glowing Twilight ScaleTrinketHalionTrinket
Penumbra PendantNeckHalionAmulet
Petrified Twilight ScaleTrinketHalionTrinket
Phaseshifter's BracersWristHalionLeather Armor
Returning FootfallsFeetHalionMail Armor
Ring of Phased RegenerationFingerHalionRing
Sharpened Twilight ScaleTrinketHalionTrinket
Signet of TwilightFingerHalionRing
Split Shape BeltWaistHalionMail Armor
Treads of Impending ResurrectionFeetHalionPlate Armor
Umbrage ArmbandsWristHalionLeather Armor

Ruby Sanctum Drops - 25M Heroic

Apocalypse's Advance (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Bracers of Fiery Night (Heroic)WristHalionCloth Armor
Charred Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Cloak of Burning Dusk (Heroic)BackHalionCloak
Foreshadow Steps (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Glowing Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Penumbra Pendant (Heroic)NeckHalionAmulet
Petrified Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Phaseshifter's Bracers (Heroic)WristHalionLeather Armor
Returning Footfalls (Heroic)FeetHalionMail Armor
Ring of Phased Regeneration (Heroic)FingerHalionRing
Sharpened Twilight Scale (Heroic)TrinketHalionTrinket
Signet of Twilight (Heroic)FingerHalionRing
Split Shape Belt (Heroic)WaistHalionMail Armor
Treads of Impending Resurrection (Heroic)FeetHalionPlate Armor
Umbrage Armbands (Heroic)WristHalionLeather Armor

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