Shaman Emblem PvE Gear

This page includes all of the PvE Gear purchasable for Shamans with Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Frost.

Shaman Emblem of Frost PvE Gear List

Frost Witch's ChestguardChestVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's FaceguardHeadVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's GlovesHandsVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's GripsHandsVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's HandguardsHandsVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's HauberkChestVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's HeadpieceHeadVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's HelmHeadVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's KiltLegsVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's LegguardsLegsVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's ShoulderguardsShoulderVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's ShoulderpadsShoulderVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's SpauldersShoulderVendorMail Armor60 EOF
Frost Witch's TunicChestVendorMail Armor95 EOF
Frost Witch's War-KiltLegsVendorMail Armor95 EOF
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